Model No.: INSH-10

Intelligent Power Socket For PC

When you are going to get off work or leave your working place for a while, you will have to turn off Computer, Monitor, Printer,Scaner, Router, Speaker and other electric devices one by one. What's a waste of time!

By using our “Intelligent Power Socket” all you have to do is to shutdown the computer system and all the rest will be done by our “Intelligent Socket”--it will automic turn off all the connected electronics  devices to prevent potentional risk such as fire disaster coused by over load.

Once you wish to use computer and other electronicals, just a flip of the switch beside your desk. It will turn on everything you wish to use immediately.

The standby power consumption for Computer, Monitor, Printer, Scaner, Router, Speaker and other electronicals is around 35W. However, the standby power consumption for "Intelligent Power Socket" is only 0.3W which really is a cost saving device you could not missed!

The socket contains protection settings of lighting and overload which is value-added in Thunderstorm area.


Intelligent Power Socket For TV

The "Intelligent Power Socket For TV"  turn Off all the electronics devices for you after you finished watching TV.  You shut TV down via IR Remote Controller and our Intelligent Socket will help you to turn off the power of TV, set top box, DVD Player or Speaker in 30 seconds. Convenience, safe and power saving.

The standby power of TV, set top box, DVD, speaker and othe relectricals is around 35W. The standby power of “Intelligent Socket For TV” is only 0.3W which really is a cost saving device you could not missed!