Besides controlling of the socket via IP protocol, IQsocket IQSW-IP10 is equipped with a choice of useful functions, including:

  • Push button for manual control of the socket
  • Watch dog function based on evaluation of ICMP packet loss
  • Time scheduler function, allowing switching on/off your appliance based on day of week and time.

In general, IQsocket IQSW-IP10 has following features:

  • Controlling (turn on, turn off; restart by cutting power for short time) of any electric appliance connected to the switched socket by HTTP and SNMP protocols or manually by pressing pushbutton on IQSW-IP10 body
  • Configuring IQSW-IP10 parameters by HTTP or SNMP protocols, password protected
  • XML and HTML status page, can be excluded from password protection, for easier integration with your web applications
  • Can send SNMP traps
  • IQLocator configuration utility allowing to autodiscovery your IQsocket devices within LAN network, setup IP address and upgrade firmware
  • Automatic control based on evaluation of ICMP packet loss with up to three independent rules – watchdog function
  • Automatic control based on day of week and time – scheduler function
  • Real time clock synchronized using NTP protocol
  • On board temperature sensor to monitor internal temperature
  • Support remote firmware upgrade
  • Event log storing up to last 50 events, such as socket on/off changes, device startups, LAN port connectivity, firmware upgrade etc.
  • Tiny footprint firmware is efficiently coded in C/assembler, there is no Linux or other operating system inside, so startup times are really short (<3sec) and tcpip stack is clean with no hidden bugs.